Trying to look at things a little differently this time with sailor away for work again. Part of me is more at ease, relaxed. Because I feel we are being more open so I feel more connected to him. More confident in us. Knowing he’s def coming home. My bpd brings the fear, learning to control it.

The other side makes it harder. This time I felt the lump in my throat, emotions building as he left. Not wanting him to go at all. But I know I’ll support him no matter what, so something I need to get use to.

So my challenge is to trust in us, learn to adjust when my mans away. And keep the lines o communication open when I’m finding it hard

Because he’s worth it


16 thoughts on “Distance

  1. With BPD myself, I very much understand how hard it is to trust, how hard it is to believe that they’re not going to eventually abandon you, then you’re left feeling like you’ve ruined something good once again. We just have to work on those things, because we can lead “normal” lives, without thinking that way. It sounds like you are proving that and making great strides with your BPD, and that is great. I’m very happy for you and I think you can do this. You seem to have the drive to do it. Good luck my fellow blogger! You got this. 😉

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