8 thoughts on “Detail

  1. Wow, Kelz… I can relate so much to your tangles… Maybe it is unintentional of you, but I get great comparisons in mind when I see these!
    First, the neck looks like a candy bar most often consumed during Christmas. Second, the body of it looks like a homemade Diwali lamp, as many Indian homemakers make for the big festival. Third, the wing looks like the inside of a papaya’s with the droplet-like shapes look more like papaya seeds, as what I see. Fourth, the sharp triangular part on both left and right side of the drawing look like skewed mountains, giving this all a scenery view to look at, and that the duck in the waters has been focused on by a fish eye (explaining why the mountains look skewed)! I am so wholly loving these tangles! Please consider my humble request, as you write about your sailor, do please also write some on every tangle you make, anything, relating to it or not. I love your works. Wish you all the best ahead. Xx


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