Friendship means


Trying to focus on this with the strain of the relationship between me and my best female friend


29 thoughts on “Friendship means

  1. No fights with my friend, but we have drifted apart. She and I have been friends for over 10 years and for most of that time we were inseparable, truly. It was, in many ways, like a relationship with a lover, without the sex. Now, we hardly even text each other. My heart breaks over this…loss, but it is just how these things (frienship) go sometimes.

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      • Well, if it is a side of her that you’re not liking but is possibly destructive behavior (or something like that) for her, see what all you can do to help her. If it just a normal, but unlikable, personality traits that you aren’t comfortable with, perhaps drifting apart is the best thing. I know, it still hurts, regardless. 😦

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  2. Do the friendship problems relate to your OCD/BP/Anxiety disorder? I lost a lot of friends because of my disability, but when I reached out to the one I missed the most and explained it all, down to the nitty-gritty about why my disability had made me become such a bad friend, she was totally willing to re-up our friendship and take it on terms that I could manage.

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    • Fully understand your question. Wisemind tells me this time no not my BPD. We both have it. Its mmm trying to find this words. Constant poor me behaviour on her part. Using children as a ammo in a falling marriage where she’s constantly belittling him, complaints and lies. I’ve seen a new side that I’m struggling to maintain respect


      • Ooooh. That’s hard. I know when my marriage failed, people saw the worst side of me. I must have told the same stories over and over, poor babied myself … what was supposed to be a concrete bottom in my world was ripped away. And we were only married for 2 years. If you can, give her time, and try to recognize this is her worst face, her most desperate existence. It may take a year or two for things to settle back down.

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