My break down and suicide attempts brought me to the positive, happy person I am today #noregrets


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  1. I so agree. I did die inside and took many years to rise from the ashes. I am continually learning new ways to believe in myself, to love myself and to become my most authentic essence which was always hidden deep inside of me. I lost my job but I found myself.

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  2. Your words strike very close to home. There are many kinds of deaths…some of them allow us to step outside of ourselves long enough to critique and re-invent.
    “curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” (which explains why they have nine lives)…stay curious.
    Chazz Vincent


  3. That is very brave of you to post! I just posted about something similar.
    I was so caught up in the madness of being an adult, that I lost myself. My hopes and dreams as a child had long faded and I was left feeling empty. It was then, at my lowest, that I decided to pick myself up and write myself a happy ending!

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  4. Yes, I do believe that. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place of complacency, maybe having to give up a dream we had and think we failed, so we have to take what we learned and even reinvent ourselves and use those failures as strengths. Today as I sat chanting – as a Buddhist – I prayed that I can show proof in my life of the value of having no doubt in myself and keep on overcoming the obstacles that throw themselves in my path trying to derail me. Trying to make me feel as though my dream is too big and who am i to think that i can have this big dream? I have to redetermine every day to make that day count and to not waste it, taking tiny steps forward. When I look back I can see my progress and confidently the dreams come back. Life is hard work. So much wants to fight you and bring you down. When you’ve had a lot of disappointments as you age it is sometimes hard to leave those things behind and learn to dream as a new person. It keeps an old person from growing old.

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    . . .I came very close to dying, and I didn’t. I realized that what would keep me alive was to bring my dreams to the surface again and make them real. touch them, feel, them and have the confidence that I could rise again, reinvent myself. I had time now that I was not supposed to have and knew this was time that was not to be wasted. How much can i put into 30 hours a day? Do I end each day knowing i did the best with it? When we lose the ability to look at our life with fresh eyes, and no matter the age be able to dream like a young person, but have something they don’t have – wisdom. We can dream like this until the day we die and in that essence we never grow old in our minds. It is only the shell on the outside that gets old..

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  6. Suicide is a romantic lie that I have danced with in my thoughts for so many years. I am so glad you found the love for yourself to end the dance. Because of your struggle, you are set apart, “advanced” if not ingloriously glorious. Bravo, God Bless, and Swashbuckle on.

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  7. My personal analogy has to do with the sea (where I spent a blessed childhood right by the water).
    Sometimes you just have to let yourself down, down into the water. (Hold your breath) then you reach the sand or the bottom, kick gently and go back up to the surface.
    (Also works with a swimming pool. Less sharks. Usually)

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