Daily positive 41

So many positives right now.

My sons being more respectful and helping around the house.

My daughters outside with sailor and a rugby ball just playing, giggling having fun. Amazing to see a bond forming.

Last night made a passing comment to my sailor that I was hungry so at 10pm I was sitting on the bench as he made us pancakes, feeding me lol

I got up this morning and due to physical pain and bloating I was feeling so blah, unattractive, fat even. Getting dressed in my trusty ripped knee old jeans and a hoody I tied my hair up in a messy bin. Certainly not the picture of sexiness lol. I came down stairs and the way my sailor looked at me blew my mind. Telling how beautiful I am.

I feel amazing


29 thoughts on “Daily positive 41

  1. It awesome to hear others have found their snugly, comfy lovers a well. It’s the best thing in the world to see the one you love in their “whatever” clothes. Always my favorite version of my one true love.

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