Want to do something for him

My sailor got a call out of the blue this morning to go away for work. Kind of threw me considering he was on the bus not 4 hours later. Hopefully only a few days this time. I walked him to the bus stop, had tears as he left. So hard to describe the pull of wanting to fully support him and my longing for him to stay.

On the way back I was reminded that i wanted to find something special for him a little gift something to say I love you. He’s always doing special little things for me. I have drawn a blank for weeks. Until I got home and looked around. Picked out a piece of wood. Pulling down his tool bag I rummaged for the tool Id seen him use for carvings.  Spent 10 minutes seeing if it was possible for me to actually carve.

Heres what I came out with


So while he’s a way I’m going going to secretly working on a carving for him. Pretty excited

52 thoughts on “Want to do something for him

  1. Brilliant work.A new emotional reality is waiting for you at The Tears Of My Motherland.Please visit it.Please support us in need in Nepal.. .Please do visit my blog as I am a beginner blogger.Hope every love and support from you.Anyway your article is also very emotional

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  2. That’s so sweet! ❀
    When I grow older, I wish to have that kind of better half–supportive and sweet enough to make efforts to make me smile (and I must do the same) though I'm pretty sure I'm not the sweet type lol πŸ˜€

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  3. That’s really thoughtful. Once my husband, who can’t get out on his own to buy stuff, got a long piece of grass from the garden and wove it into a cross shape for me. It was meant as a substitute for a palm cross. It meant the world to me and I have it safe in my glass cabinet. I treasure it. I love your carving and so will he.

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  4. As soon as I saw this post and picture from you, I thought… zentangle carving! I bet it’d take an unimaginable amount of time (depending on the size you were doing), but I bet it’d beautiful! Do it! I need to see a zentangle carving now (and I have no abilities or patience for that)!

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      • I have tried wood carving a couple times in my life. It is hard and tiring at first. It takes a lot of practice and discipline to get a technique that’s right to perfection. The last time I did it (about 23 years ago), I gave myself a scar on my hand that’s only faded just a little! Lol And I was never any good at it anyway. After that I tried wood burning for a while. That was easier and I liked it better, but that, too, has a danger point! Lol I hope you’re able to stick with it, I think you’d do wonderfully and make some pretty designs.

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      • I’m happy when I see other couples who have so much love and respect for one another. It seems I see that in both you and your sailor. πŸ™‚ Mutual respect, love, kindness, and trust is what makes my relationship thrive, as well.

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  5. Sucks when that happens… I always feel like my world gets put into disarray whenever last minute work stuff comes up for my hubby… I love the carving, and I am sure he will love anything you put your time and devotion into creating. Hope he comes back home to you with out delay. πŸ™‚

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