My little art case


Thought I’d share my tools of zentangle, of course art sketch books and the above. I’d say its cost about $50 to get what I have including folders, shoes, etc.

I’d have to say though out of the whole lot the my top 5 items would be

1. 6h pencil
2. Fine tip black pen 0.4
3. 6b pencil for shading
4. Rubber
5. Pencil sharpener

So I reckon for about $10 you could start zentangle art

24 thoughts on “My little art case

  1. Good stuff i started my company on $50 a month now i ask alot for my pieces, and have a army of cyborgs artists running pieces on a grande scale!
    Next is keep praticeing then find the right agent! Hobbies become master crafts after so long regardless of opinions! If you scared you know what they say. True story zen tangles came around with a number 2 pencil and a boredom with tertis dominations and sheets of standard loose leaf! So its actually $1 to get started i know the inventor of the form personally

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