What could it be? On skin, on bone, on paper, on wood.

So excited at the moment. Had an idea for my mums 50th birthday pressie. First part of the process has been sketched and designed. Its the first creative thing ive done.that’s turning into a product. I’m grateful to my amazing partner for adding to my idea. Making it all the more special. Can you guess what it could be? Final product will be on bone, paper, wood and skin. All will be revealed mind July, can hardly wait, my mum deserves to be spoilt and shown appreciation for all that she does, the support she’s constantly show myself, partner and my children. Simply amazing women

To be told I’ve been missed

To be told I’ve been missed in blogging land has left me feeling like this blog is worth the blood sweat n tears that has gone into creating a website I can honestly say I’m proud of. I’ve had doubts of continuing. It can take hours, frustration, research, vulnerability, happiness. I put my soul into this little piece of the web. My piece.And I’m grateful to each of you who weather youve followed me for a day or the whole time. For each time one views, likes or comments. So thank you for making me feel worth it. Makes me want continue for another day. Much love to you all

Holy crap it snowing

What’s the big deal? I’m about 1 minute from the sea and I’ve lived in my town for 30 years n never seen it snow. Met service have put it up as snow first in 22 years. Its not settling for long but wow its awesome n freaking cold. My babies seen snow up close for the first time. Magical

I won’t be my own worst nightmare

I wrote not long ago of my fear of losing my sailor, fear one day that the balloon would pop and my happy relationship would be no more. I was offered such wonderful advice on here. My sailor has been amazing. Loving supportive, kind, inspiring. He is my imperfect, perfect partner. One I dreamt of having yet never knew was possible. I’m lucky we meet during challenging life changes but because of knowing each others pain and past are able to be vulnerable to each other. To support each other as we face hardships and happiness. I’m realising despite only being together such a short time. I’d marry this man in a heartbeat. Something clicked inside me a few days ago. We had faced some challenges. But we opened up. I lay there thinking I quite simply loved this man. His imperfections challenges, baggage and scars make him to be one of the most inspirational people I’ve meet in my short 30 years. I look at him when he tenderly wraps his arms around me gently kissing me on the forehead and feel like I’m home. I love how he brings out the spontaneous side of me I’d never explored. How he challenges my curiosity. When I’ve faced health issues (and there’s been a lot lately) he makes me feel safe. I’m working on my fears. Because I don’t want my fear failure, loss, rejection to happen. I don’t want to be my own worst nightmare.

Been away for awhile so how bout a blogging party to get me back in the swing of it?

So how do the party work? Leave your links to Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter, social media etc in the comments. Check out others links so we are all supporting each other. Little bit of fun and we all see something great and new. Feel free to share this post the more people who party the better 🙂 Below are the pages I’d love for you to check out of mine if you’d be so kind. PS even if it takes me a few days I go to all links. However I don’t accept friends requests on my person page that’s just for people I see n my family.

My Facebook zentangle with kelz for my latest creations, so many to see 🙂 trying many new things

I’ve entered my first photography competition if you’d like to vote for me this is the link the photo is titled “roaring” of the fire

Last but certainly not least a Facebook page close to my heart, please show your support to A Bygone Era

Happy party everyone

Old habits still there

Sudden fear that my sailors going to wake up one day and realise I’m just ordinary. That I’m a women with so many scars and hurts, so insucure. Fear he’s going to walk away. Its not logical its not fair. Its hard and I can’t seem to pull myself from this way of thinking.