Daily positive 48

I woke feeling so much better. Yesterday started with an intense headache. I’d taken pain relief, upped my water, lowered my coffee, ate well, had a nap. Nothing worked. By the time kids got home from school I could barely function. Dizziness n vomiting had kicked in. So contacted my mum for her to have my children. After a ruff night I managed to cry myself to sleep from such intense pain waking to find it lifted. Hindsight I’d realised I suffer like this about 3-4 times a year. Wondering if its migraines. So off to the doctor to discuss it in case it happens again in the future


39 thoughts on “Daily positive 48

  1. Aye, that sounds like a migraine. I’m fortunate in that I don’t get the sickness but when they hit I just can’t function at all. Totally sympathise, and yeah defo speak to your doctor about it.

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  2. Yes i agree my mother goes through this sometimes. It can vary from mild to extreme headache.

    Say this may cheer you up. I was wondering if I could nominate you for a sunshine award.

    You have a sincere and very expressive blog. It’s always got something new in it and I’ve been following it closely. I’d love to nominate you. I’ll be posting something soon that links to you if you’d like.

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  3. Headache with dizziness, nausea and vomiting points towards migraine. If another episode occurs, visit a doctor. Try to looks for the triggering factor. It may be less sleep, more sleep, chocolate, noise or heat. Take care. Hope you remain pain free. Your posts have positive vibes. Stay healty and keep posting. 🙂

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  4. Had migraines from 13 to 45. You are trying to get off medications and I found none, and they tried them all to deal with that kind of pain. A very smart French doctor her in the US sent me for bio-feedback as the last resort. 3 sessions and I’ve never hand another. I rarely even get a headache now. Give it some thought. My kids thought they caused them. So I had to do something.

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  5. Me too, not an expert, but last year I thought I was dying of pain and found the existence of cluster headaches (look them up, they’re awful). Painkillers don’t work, but a combo of medicines the doctor gave me got rid of it. It can last one day or a week or so apparently. Yes, definitely worth going to your doctor about it. Feel better x

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