Holy crap it snowing

What’s the big deal? I’m about 1 minute from the sea and I’ve lived in my town for 30 years n never seen it snow. Met service have put it up as snow first in 22 years. Its not settling for long but wow its awesome n freaking cold. My babies seen snow up close for the first time. Magical


35 thoughts on “Holy crap it snowing

  1. Aww how lovely! My uncle lived in Dubai his whole life and he came to London around christmas time a few years ago and so snow for the first time ever at the age of 61 and he was so amazed and excited!


  2. I have been living in coastal town all my life.never seem snow..and it’ll never happen cause its warm water coastal town.but lucky you.my fellow citizens go crazy on rain,let alone snow 🙂


  3. snow is over rated….We used to never get snow in Houston, has happened more in last 10 years than in 50 that I’ve lived here. Daughter lived through the Boston uprising of snow this year, it is dreary, muddy and only magical the first tie it hits the ground. Fun to see once in awhile, do NOT want to live in it, that is why I’m retiring to Mexico, on the beach.

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