To be told I’ve been missed

To be told I’ve been missed in blogging land has left me feeling like this blog is worth the blood sweat n tears that has gone into creating a website I can honestly say I’m proud of. I’ve had doubts of continuing. It can take hours, frustration, research, vulnerability, happiness. I put my soul into this little piece of the web. My piece.And I’m grateful to each of you who weather youve followed me for a day or the whole time. For each time one views, likes or comments. So thank you for making me feel worth it. Makes me want continue for another day. Much love to you all


42 thoughts on “To be told I’ve been missed

  1. You’re just a very cool and honest person. It’s refreshing to see someone who is not afraid of vulnerability, or who is brave enough to continue in spite of it being there.

    Keep blogging, and stay comfy.

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  2. Your short bursts of condensed happiness, sadness and general life affirmations make the blogging realms a nicer place to roam, keep it up at you leisure for ultimately it is for yourself you should write
    And no, I haven’t gone all fluffy, just genuine wisdom and respect for a fellow blogger!

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  3. You can’t leave us. You need to know that at any given point all of us will go through this sort of questioning. I may miss a post or two, but I love to catch you out here offering me your world. Betcha the rest of the crew feels likewise.

    If you were to ever review my housekeeping mess over on my site, you’d find a mismatch of mayhem. I seriously need to get organized, but visiting others and keeping up with my garden are more important. Thirty years ago I would have beat myself up for thinking this way. Life travels much too quickly, I’d rather ‘ride the bus with my chums’ than clean up the blog, or this dust-bunny filled house.


  4. I have only been part of the blogosphere for a short time. As I believe I have mentioned, yours is one I look forward to and in that short time I feel I have seen you grow and change. I may be sketchy in my posting, but I read a lot of posts. Keep up the communication with all the friends who are following you. It is understandable to have peaks and valleys in this, just like life!


  5. Do not stop doing what you believe is an extension of yourself. You belong in this community of being online and of course we will miss you. I will miss your arts too πŸ™‚ .


  6. I truly believe all writing is worth the effort. It is worship. It is creativity. It is meditation. It is therapy. It is communication. Writers write because if they don’t they’ll go crazy. So I hope to see more from you.


  7. Your art is the highlight of my inbox! I love art and photography, but do all my own creative work with words, so I am in awe of visual artists. Keep being so honest and interesting. πŸ™‚


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