Happy birthday to my blog

Its offically kelzbelzphotography’s 2nd birthday today. I was hoping for a WordPress birthday badge lol but ill settle for


Ive been on such a journey with this blog and my many supportive followers. This week I’m having a throw back week of my favourite blogging moments from the past two years. Thanks so much everyone for all you encouragement and support

Zen Celtic butterfly candles

My latest fun with zentangle. Made a heap of these on the weekend. Adding another new thing to my zentangle obsession. Excuse the poor photos my cameras stuffed but you get the idea




Daily positive 52


Back handed positive for yesterday. Shutting my mouth, not talking. You see I have a wonderful habit of allowing emotion to take over and regretting it. I’m feel so insure the past day, doubting myself, my actions, others actions. I’ve been hormonal, in incredible pain (dairy intolerance bit that’s a different post) and generally over emotional. Logically things are going well. Emotionally I could only see faults. So for once I just fought the urge to express. And it was for the best. I don’t have to apologise to anyone. I don’t feel guilt for speaking up when I shouldn’t have.

Never underestimate the power

Never underestimate the power of your own abilities, creativity and willingness to be amazing. See you hold that power. Not another living soul can take it away from you. Strive to be great in whatever you dream of

Bloggers meet n greet, join in

Like my blog party I’ve hosted I feel like a meet n greet.


Simple like my link I’m I a photography competition my first one its the photo “ROARING” THE FIRE PLACE CLOSE UP currently has 51 votes http://woobox.com/dchqai/vote?web=1&s=YTo0OntzOjEwOiJzZXNzaW9uX2lkIjtzOjMyOiI2NzE5YTZmY2E4NWFhYTY3ZmM2NjgyYjAxZWYyYzQ2NiI7czoxMDoiaXBfYWRkcmVzcyI7czoxMzoiMjAyLjU2LjU0LjI0MiI7czoxMDoidXNlcl9hZ2VudCI7czo1MDoiTW96aWxsYS81LjAgKExpbnV4OyBBbmRyb2lkIDQuNC4yOyBaVEUgVjgxMSBCdWlsZC8iO3M6MTM6Imxhc3RfYWN0aXZpdHkiO2k6MTQzMzY3MTkxNjt9ZTk4ZjA2YTFhN2UyNjVmYjA1ZTczMWRhNzZlOGRkYTc= please vote

2. put your own link to fb biz pages, something you’d like us to vote on etc

3. Actually check out the links in the comments n hit like when you’ve done it.

Reasons I’m putting the steps, I try  to click on every link sharing the love and find it disappointing that people drop their kink n never look back. So join the fun n share the love guys

Happy meet n greet