As most who have followed

As most who have followed my blog know i love writing weather it be about my hobbies, my children, my loving partner. You may have notice not a lot has been shared here lately. For I lost my mmm not sure how to put it. Maybe confidence. Maybe writers block. But I’m back with a vengeance I can’t seem to stop. The ideas are flowing fast the I can write. My hands can’t keep up with with the flurry of ideas pumping through my veins. I’ve been waiting for this moment which I worried wouldn’t return. But it has it feels amazing.


39 thoughts on “As most who have followed

  1. Going dark I like to call it, sometimes you just need to take a break and let inspiration hit you like a sledge hammer again, before you take a break to recover from the creative burn!
    Nice to see you in full merry old flow

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  2. I experienced the same thing a month after I started blogging. I had been posting with excitement consistently, until one day I just didn’t feel like it. I worried that feeling would last but a couple for weeks later, I was at it again, with more vengeance. Thanks for sharing, it helps to know that bloggers who’ve been at it longer than some of us have those moments too.

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