I’ve recently had the most

I’ve recently had the most perfect day. I remember telling my therapist many times that I just wanted a simple happy life. What a lot strive for does not interest me. Yes I want to have enough money to not worry about putting food in my babies bellies and keeping a roof over our heads. But money means nothing, in don’t strive to be the best in the world. I strive for being the best me I can be. I known I have the life I want. Waking to a freezing cold raining autumn Saturday we curled up in the lounge with the fire roaring. Kids DVDs playing and just enjoying each other. PJ day. No house work no worries. My darling cooked us chocolate pancakes with choc sauce for lunch my mama bringing cream to enjoy a simple family lunch. Being suddenly struck down with a headache, I dozed of. My man taking care of my children letting me take some me time. We had fish n chips on the lounge floor, tucking my babies into bed. Laying next to my man writing as he worked on his studies. Even with some negatives like my health I was home, warm, with my favourite people. Content in the fact that my dreams are quite simply coming true after so much work. I have the life I want and need. No better feeling in the world


18 thoughts on “I’ve recently had the most

  1. “just wanted a simple happy life…being the best you can be,” love the sound of that.What Love even more striking ? The similar way we feel happy, content, safe. It’s been an uphill unrelenting battle around here. I fell asleep with two big boys, a husband and oversized Aussie Shepherd and reading your blog made me realize that it’s all going to be ok.

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