A blogger I’ve followed harsh reality, opinionated mam, jason

And learnt from for nearly two years has left blogging land. Sad really. He challenged me without knowing it to become a better blogger. To not care what people thought. Have a voice and never waver.

Harsh reality, opinionated man or Jason as we came to know him. Man more then 50,000 followers. Helped the little blogs out. Spoke loud n proud.

I can’t say I’m surprised he left blogging. I saw some pretty nasty petty people comment on his blog. Others wrote nasty posts. Yip I didn’t agree with everything he said. One post sticks to mind that he wrote “abortion is murder”. That was it no more no less. He fired a lot of people up. Even if someone disagreed he still responded and to me always respectfully. I saw him faced with cyber bullying. N it disgusted me. I respected his dedicated and spunk.

Hope he comes back. But I  wish him n his family the best.


25 thoughts on “A blogger I’ve followed harsh reality, opinionated mam, jason

  1. I’m one of his fans and I admired the kahunas he used to address his critics amidst his controversial posts. Hope he’s planning a book or some media exposure. Blogville would otherwise suffer an irreplaceable loss. Missing the entertainment already. Thanks for the info.


  2. Thank you for write this post! I miss his presence here on WP he was very generous helping out other bloggers with his “Meet and Greet posts” he always responded kindly and promptely to all of my comments…it is very sad that he had to go in Shade…I hope he will come back!


  3. Yes it’s been a dry two weeks without him. Right before he left he wrote that his family was being threatened so I can understand, although the bullies are getting what they want by his absence. It’s sad definitely sad.


  4. Wow. This really surprises me. Harsh Reality was one of the first Blogs I read regularly, though I have to admit that i eventually unsubscribed because it seemed like a lot of his posting was controversial for the sake of being controversial, rather than impassioned. Not that I thought he was cynical–just ambitious, but like you i think that exposure to his level of enthusiastic attention and productivity inspired me to take my own blog more seriously. I wonder if the guy hasn’t just burned out, and needs some time to get his energy back . So what the hell happened anyway–did he offer any explanations? Was it something to do with that suspension business?

    Finally, I HATE it when bloggerss I’ve enjoyed decide to move on, and close their blogs behind them. What the hell is that about? Perhaps I’m too bound to the old paradigms of print media, but it’s like an author retiring and recalling all of his books. Blogs should remain open, like paintings on the wall, like microfilm and stacks of old magazines, as testaments to the accomplishment they represent, the interactions and community that grew up around them. A closed down blog to me is like a friend lost at sea–

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    • He and his family were being threatened, he didn’t just move on. He probably got tired of dealing with it because he’s not on Twitter anymore either.


  5. Reblogged this on my personal thing and commented:
    You’ve summed it up pretty well! I thought all the cyber bullying and nasty posts that were written about him were really uncalled for. I enjoyed reading his posts (even if I didn’t agree with it) and I liked the fact that he wrote whatever he wanted regardless of any backlash that may have been created from it. I also became more confident with blogging because of his advice (amongst other reasons).

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  6. I just met him the week before he left. He reblogged one of my posts and i got as many followers in one day as had the whole month before. I wish i could have gotten to read more of his stuff. Sounds like he knew how to get people talking.


  7. This is awful. He was one of the first to follow my blog. He was always helpful. I did see where he said that his family was threatened. So I am not surprised that he left. He was very passionate about his family. I enjoyed his photo posts of them. I hope things work out and he can keep his family safe. Sure we will miss him here but he did the right thing by putting family before his blog. And that is my opinion about the “Opinionated Man” .

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  8. Jason’s blog was also one of the first ones I ever read. He and I butted heads a few times, but what was great about him was that he could allow discussion and disagreement. And occasional agreement and mutual respect. Will miss him.


  9. I didnt see the post about his family being threatened. That’s awful. I hope he has involved the police. I am going to miss him but his family’s safety is the most important thing.


  10. I just started following him about a month ago, but I am going to miss his posts. I also remember seeing posts about his family being threatened so I can understand why he closed it down. I hope he comes back eventually though.


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