Daily positive 52

Back handed positive for yesterday. Shutting my mouth, not talking. You see I have a wonderful habit of allowing emotion to take over and regretting it. I’m feel so insure the past day, doubting myself, my actions, others actions. I’ve been hormonal, in incredible pain (dairy intolerance bit that’s a different post) and generally over emotional. Logically things are going well. Emotionally I could only see faults. So for once I just fought the urge to express. And it was for the best. I don’t have to apologise to anyone. I don’t feel guilt for speaking up when I shouldn’t have.


4 thoughts on “Daily positive 52

  1. It took wisdom to be able to pause and recognize, “this is just my mood,” and not spill the fault-finding onto others. That space between impulse and action is where insight lives. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. i understand where you are coming from,when i want to say something i feel like i really have to let it out,consequences go to hell,but a lot of times,when iam living the consequences i think about all the ways i could have rephrased my thoughts,so plz sometimes pausing and rephrasing is the best strategy


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