Please take a moment

To support me and vote for my first photography competition. First prize is $5000. I’ve entered two photographs.

My personal favourite “roaring fire one” on Facebook currently have 114 votes to put me in third on there I still need a few more votes

Then theres my other one on Instagram the “sky shot

I’m already so grateful of the support and votes many of you have given me. And thanks if you choose to have a great day every one

The end is near….

In less the a week the photography competition I’ve entered draws to an end and voting begins.

My understanding is the top 4  most popular across fb, instagram and twitter, the get judged to top 3 prizes 1st $5000, 2nd $2000 and 3rd $1000. Currently my sky photo on instagram is sitting at 3rd and my roaring fire one on Facebook is sitting at 5th.

This is a pure passion and my very first photo comp.

And I need a favour, could you take pretty please a few moments of your time to vote for me please


Facebook “roaring” the fire place currently at 102 votes


Instagram “sky” my top photo currently at 161 likes (just double tap for like)

Thanks so much for all that have voted so far and if you choose to vote

Thanks so much

Confusion pain and happiness

Hit with a number of challenging situations this week, my poor brain is struggling to free itself from confusion.  Swirling with pain and happiness. Some issues are easier. Because its black n white. No action can be taken, a matter of processing the loss and guilt. The rest I feel I have no option but to keep quiet, even though its eating me up inside. So I guess my challenge for this week is good old dbt radical acceptance. The skill which I found most beneficial yet the hardest to reach. I feel in fight or flight mood, my old therapist said my most dangerous stance.

Happy 50th mama

Today marks my mamas 50th birthday. A day I never thought we would see. My mum has a host if major health problems and spend 5 years in and out of hospital every few months. Many of her birthdays were spend in hospital. I’ll never forget the day she was laying in the hospital so sick no one knew what was wrong, all we knew was they couldn’t move her to the ICU because they thought she would die. All of a sudden doctors and nurses were running to her, yelling instructions, fighting to figure it out. Get her family here she’s not going to make it. I swear I felt my heart break. But my stubborn as hell mama fought back, pulled through and made it to her 50th birthday. I’m so grateful she’s still here with us and doing a lot better. So much love to my beautiful mama today here’s to celebrating many more. Can’t wait to create her two tiered purple n black cake and reveil her gifts. Have a great day everyone

I just want to scream

At the top of my lungs. I’m done with tears, guessing struggling. How the hell did things change so drastically, so fast. Im trying. God I can’t even get it out through writing tonight. Feeling completely lost and don’t know where to turn

Know the feeling?

The moment when you realise you’ve just stuffed up the best thing that has come into your life in years. Where you have no idea how to fix it. Where you hate BPD so much that it leaves you spinning. Where you react in ways you’ve promised you wouldn’t. Slipped back in to the person you fought so hard not to be. That moment when you realise you make your fears your reality

I know I’ll stop….soon

But really need your help please vote if your on instagram and like this one better please just like the photo for vote to count

Or this if your on facebook please vote for “roaring” the fire one

Big huge thanks to those whom have voted for me so far comp ends at the end of the month

PS edited to say feel free to drop links in the comments sharing is caring lol

Where to begin

I’m all over the place, struggling to settle on one task. So have many on the go. Middle of the winter two school holidays. Sick kids, planning my mothers 50th birthday and my birthday next week. Dealing with my BPD rearing its ugly head. Frustrating time for me. But at least the suns shining after bitterly cold days n night.