Where to begin

I’m all over the place, struggling to settle on one task. So have many on the go. Middle of the winter two school holidays. Sick kids, planning my mothers 50th birthday and my birthday next week. Dealing with my BPD rearing its ugly head. Frustrating time for me. But at least the suns shining after bitterly cold days n night.


24 thoughts on “Where to begin

  1. Just stumbled on your blog today. I’m not sure what BPD is, I thought I knew all the acronyms! But, I’m fighting through my own acronym of PPD/PPA so I understand the powerful effects of three little letters on a life. I read your About and About Take 2 pages, and I was blown away to see 947 likes on your About Take 2 post! Sounds like you’ve hit a nerve with a lot of people sharing your journey. I was wondering, what do you think attracted so many readers to your story, and specifically your About Take 2 page? I’d love to learn from your experience as I’m growing my own blog sharing my story of living through 21 deaths in 5 years, an addict husband and now PPD/PPA. Hope we can connect more!

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    • Thanks for joining me. Its borderline personality disorder. To many to remember aye. I to am blown away had no idea people would even read it lol people have said coz its raw. But I really font know really. Mystery to me. Wow I’ve faced many challenges well done for sharing it

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      • Wow. That’s amazing. Thanks for replying. I get that too – the word “raw” about my writing. I think people are seeking more honesty in what moves them, you know? Thanks for connecting and I wish you the best in dealing with BPD. I can only imagine what you’re going through but I do know mental health is a beast many of us fight for our lives daily. Keep up the fight.

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  2. Amazing what the sun can do! Having that light shine down can turn many a dark thought to something better…my thoughts are with you during your struggles…(I call my birthday week ‘lindamas’ and try to stretch it out as long as possible!) – so I’m wishing you a happy birthday week in advance of your birth-day! Cheers:)

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  3. Hi I read your blog and know that you live down under. Iwas reading a recent post of yours and realized that while I am broiling here you are freezing there and vice versa. Funny how it is so easy to not give it any thought. this is a long winded way to say “h;”versa. Funny how it is so easy to not give it any thought. this is a long winded way to say “hi” Stay warm. I’ll be reading !

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  4. Take a deep breath. One task at a time. Step out into the fresh air, even if it’s cold and you only have five minutes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you. Write out a list. Prioritize. All your mom wants for her 50th birthday is your love. You may feel disappointed if you are expecting to deliver a grand surprise. Don’t put that monkey on your back. Moms want the best for their children. Stressing yourself out is NOT a gift.

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