I just want to scream

At the top of my lungs. I’m done with tears, guessing struggling. How the hell did things change so drastically, so fast. Im trying. God I can’t even get it out through writing tonight. Feeling completely lost and don’t know where to turn


33 thoughts on “I just want to scream

  1. I have learned one thing in my struggle with PD… In the darkest night there is a light, though faint and small and that light is your inner pease. Through miles and trials you struggle toward it and one day you look but can’t see the light. But have no fear for you have become the light. Pease on you.


  2. I once saw one of marina abramovic’s work in youtube and though I’m bad on constant researching, I can learn basics fast. She discussed mindfulness in telepathy and somehow on your case it is often hard to compensate especially that you decided to drop off your pills while struggling from bpd. Your emotional responses are due to alterations in the passage of stimulation in your synapses but learning from John Nash, he managed to take control of his life against one of the severe mental illness called schizophrenia.
    Remember, you have a loving husband, wonderful kids, a supportive mother and a beautiful hand that inspires people including me. When you post something new, an art, a picture, or food, all I see is a smiling happy woman and I hope to see that person even at your lowest times. Grab your pencil or your camera even when your sad or lost and do what you do best because your dream will always guide you back.

    lots of smile- jaque


  3. These are friends. I care and they care. When I’m in your place I make myself get out of bed, head for the computer and make your self write about your experiences you are having now. It helps me.

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  4. Take all the time you need. We love you and want the best for you. We aren’t going anywhere, and will be here if you need us. Sending much Peace and Light …hearts and hugs <3<3 xo


  5. I have been where you are lately. Am teetering back and forth there now. I have been trying to just be here…focusing on just now….breathing in this moment. Finding on something that I love, and really focus on it. Being mindful, even if it is just for a moment here and there throughout the day. I was so wrapped up in my pain I couldn’t see past it. Focusing on these things are helping. I hope this helps in some very small way. love light and peace to you.


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