Confusion pain and happiness

Hit with a number of challenging situations this week, my poor brain is struggling to free itself from confusion.  Swirling with pain and happiness. Some issues are easier. Because its black n white. No action can be taken, a matter of processing the loss and guilt. The rest I feel I have no option but to keep quiet, even though its eating me up inside. So I guess my challenge for this week is good old dbt radical acceptance. The skill which I found most beneficial yet the hardest to reach. I feel in fight or flight mood, my old therapist said my most dangerous stance.


24 thoughts on “Confusion pain and happiness

  1. Allow yourself to accept that you are working thru things and the scrambled egg-brain feeling is your subconscious mind sifting for a reprieve. Breathe deep and know that this too shall pass.


  2. Yes, I too am struggling with deep grief for the loss of my companion and best friend. Sometimes it takes several years of pain so deep that it’s in your soul. I’ve been asking for prayer warriors to help me through the grief.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Bonnie Gail Carter


  3. Stop watching the news, turn off your TV and radio and stop the paper. You’d be surprised on those little incidents will roll off your back. I still watch the TV but no news.


  4. Gentle hugs and lots of love to you. I’m sorry you are having such a bad time. I understand the fight or flight feelings and its a hard place to be in. I’ve sent a little prayer up for you.


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