I’m on the biggest

happiness high. today was awesome. waking up beside my sailor, having great morning with my kids before school. followed by catching up with my photographer uncle who lives quite a way from me, last saw him 5 years ago. Happy I got to introduce him to the love if my life. we ended up going around town for a photography lesson and lunch. Was incredible to to get hints and tips. then pizza with my family for dinner, a rare treat. heres my first attempt at HDR photography and would love your feedback 🙂

“Rack of boats”


“the local marina and yacht club”


“demo of our old hospital (oops didn’t mean to be where I shouldn’t have been hehe)”


Kelzbelzphotography Facebook page

I’ve decided to make a go of my kelzbelzphotography Facebook page so if you care to join me your all more then welcome 🙂 https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=355555584648485

I have so much to be grateful for ….

As winter in new Zealand draws to a end and we welcome spring next week I’ve been thinking about old passions and hobbies which I’ve let fall to the back burner. A big one being this blog. its brought me such happiness and time to start a fresh.

So I’ll be doing a daily series I’m calling “Spring in my step”. I use to do a daily positives post and really miss it. it challenges me to look at things in a different way. Whish is brilliant for my bpd, ocd and life in general.

Also I’ll be challenging myself to one photo a day for the 3months of spring.

So cheers to the end of winter and bringing more happiness to my already amazing life