Getting back to me

I’ve found myself lacking motivation and self confidence lately, struggling to create. With bpd I know it a battle since I’m not allowing it to beat me I’m having to come up with different ways to express. Tried this post yesterday n boom WordPress didn’t save it. So this is take two lol. I’m concentrating on what brings me joy. Last weekend my sailor and I had a rare night off from my children, roast pork and wine for dinner, we just simply enjoyed each others company, once the kids got home I heard about a baby seal in the area so my girl n I went to find it. I felt like an excited kid. I’ve lived in my town for 31 years and I’d not seen one. My son joined us and was magic to share it with them



The next day we went in a family bike ride around the local walk ways while my girl played at the park my sailor and I talked to my son about our dream to build a tiny house in about five years. Being nearly 13 I was surprised how interested he was in hearing about solar or hydro power, the savings and grants etc.

Things feel like they are falling in place.

Dreams do come if you believe


20 thoughts on “Getting back to me

  1. Keep dreaming. Draw house plans in a small notebook. Erase the walls and move the windows. Plan your plan without a nagging fear. Hope, faith, love and room for change, they’ll all appear, but hold to the constant in your life: your dream.

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  2. Sometimes it is hard to find something good about the day, especially when it feels like nothings gone quite right! But when you do its kind of euphoric! I can relate to this post quite well and I feel so great for you for finding your happiness 🙂 x

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