I have so much to be grateful for ….

As winter in new Zealand draws to a end and we welcome spring next week I’ve been thinking about old passions and hobbies which I’ve let fall to the back burner. A big one being this blog. its brought me such happiness and time to start a fresh.

So I’ll be doing a daily series I’m calling “Spring in my step”. I use to do a daily positives post and really miss it. it challenges me to look at things in a different way. Whish is brilliant for my bpd, ocd and life in general.

Also I’ll be challenging myself to one photo a day for the 3months of spring.

So cheers to the end of winter and bringing more happiness to my already amazing life

41 thoughts on “I have so much to be grateful for ….

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  2. No matter what season we are heading into, I really enjoy living where the seasons change! I also want to say that this post is inspiring and a great example of the change I have seen in you in just the fairly short time I have been following your blog. So happy for that too! So, as I think about fall and the beautiful colors that emerge and the slower pa e that allows for reflection and more time for hobbies, I say kudos to you and happy changes to us all!

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  3. My journey into blogging began with a commitment to post a positive thought each day (on Facebook ) for a year.
    I agree….it helped me find the good in life and forced me to focus on the positive.
    Thanks for reminding me to look for the happiness life can bring!!

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