Spring in my step – Day 3

This one is huge. A game changer. I still can’t find the words to even begin to describe it. As many of you know my passion and dream is to one day become a photographer. A few years ago my was in a dark horrible place, nearly died, live just wasn’t worth living. time, therapy, my children and my camera saved me. it gave me a view of the world Id long forgotten.

I started of with my little Samsung point and shoot camera and a baby tripod


Also my 3mp phone camera. I thrashed it. discovering a massive passion. Well my Samsung has retired, she has gone to my 6 year old daughter whom shares the passion.

Where to start, one day sitting at home I received a message out of the blue from a fellow blogger. I’d love to name her but not sure if I should (she knows who she is). I was left shocked and surprised unsure just how to answer. A million and one thoughts ran through my mind. should I shouldn’t I. She offered me a gift of a lifetime. A canon DSLR rebel xt 350D camera and lens.

I questioned why a stranger from America would offer little old me from new Zealand such a wonderful gift. Talking it over with my sailor I gratefully accepted her offer. She asked nothing from me, no money no expectations. just hoped I’d get the use from it.

when it arrived (in a week!) I was like a giggly kid at Christmas morning. I sat it in front of me in complete disbelief. thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Very slowly I opened it as a grin spread from ear to ear. She was 100% legitimate, a women with a huge heart has given me a camera I but dreamed of owning. Realising I was holding in my hands the thing that would make my dreams come true. Its opened the doors for m to study photography. even writing this now I’m feeling myself tear up. As my mum said when I told her about this women. “there are still good, kind selfless people in this world” and she just proved it.

Introducing my new member of my family “Rebel” is she just the most beautiful camera you’ve ever seen hehe




Here’s the biggest hug from me to my “angel blogger” thank you for inspiring me, believing in me and my dream and for being a wonderful human.


33 thoughts on “Spring in my step – Day 3

  1. I have a very similar version of the Canon Rebel and I am so glad that one person’s blessings are allowing you to continue to further your passion with photography!

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  2. Wow, a wonderful woman, with a heart of gold!

    Photography for me too was a big change of lifestyle. Helping me to focus on the beautiful things.

    Keep up the journey. Stay save, love your family, and keep up shooting!

    Warm regards,

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  3. Wow!! God is good!! I am so happy for you. Truly your steps are ordered by the Lord and he has brought you out of the dark into the light. Check out these photo submission sites. Eventually you will want to submit your work for exposure and dollars!! 🙂 The Universe is on your side!



    For fun and to hone your craft join in on Cee’s Photo Challenges. No money but you’ll come in contact with lots of photographers from all over the world.


    Grace & Peace my young SiStar!!

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  4. I am very warmed up in my heart. The Lord God almighty is seeing you through. You are an amazing Testimony to others out there. I hope this message will keep on spreading, until even the ones who feel suicidal will get a sense of hope.

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