My photo of the day challenge – Day 4

With bullshit talk about changing our new Zealand flag I’ve seen more and more of the current one on my walks around town. For the record I’m all for keeping our flag. Why fix what’s not damn broken at a cost of 26 million dollars plus of tax payers money. Good old John Key doesn’t listen to the people of new zealand. 26 mill be better spent on I don’t know important things like education, our medical system our children. GRrr rant over



16 thoughts on “My photo of the day challenge – Day 4

  1. money aside, granted it could be spent on better things. I would love a change of flag in Australia, so I thought you guys would be in support. When I was NZ in Feb all the people I spoke to were in favour of it. You are your own entity, so be proud and stand out. Other countries who have dumped the union jack have great flags and have made great strides…..just sayin. Being an Aussie it’s none of my business but I’d happily dump our flag given the opportunity.

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. I wonder where the world’s politicians go to school together to exchange bloody stupid ideas. In Davos I think.
    First comes first. Fix the roads. Fix the hospitals. Pay the nurses better. And the teachers.
    And keep the bloody flag. Tssss.
    😦 😦 😦

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