Spring in my step – Day 6

Fathers day today. Its kind of bitter sweet day. I nor my children have contact with our fathers and my sailor won’t get to see his girls as they are just to far away. But I am grateful for my sailor today. I’ve been weighing up what to do. Deciding to celebrate I got him a few little bits and a card. As my partner he’s not my children’s dad but he’s an incredible role model to them. To me he regularly goes above and beyond for them. He has taught them to ride bikes, cook, home work, electrical work. My favourite my son told me sailor is teaching them to respect me more. Told me “mum you picked good this time”. So today I want to celebrate just how much we love and appericate him.


12 thoughts on “Spring in my step – Day 6

  1. My partner is not the DNA donor but he is there dad. As a dad is the one that puts the children before them self . Loves them without question and tells them off even if it upsets them as he knows it’s for the best. Shows them how to be the best they can. So they may not have a birth dad there but they have someone who can in time be there dad. And by sounds of it they shall have two great role models

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