Spring in my step – Day 7

Since getting my camera I’ve been out daily taking photos exploring, learning and most of all having fun. Anyways I decided I’d have a no camera Friday. even asked sailor to hide the batteries lol. I woke, I sorted the kids, cleaned the house, work on my online stuff, hung out with my sailor.

By lunchtime I packed up my camera bag and went walking. All around the local wetlands, huge pond and the beach. stumbling across new things plus more seals. SUper excited over two evenings went through the photos, transferring them to lightroom to watermark them I thought it was Sade to delete the folder on a real ocd roll I deleted the recycle bin. upon my return to lightroom. I discovered I could see the photos but file not found. I was angry and frustrated as at my own fault had deleted some of my best work.

That’s where my awesome magic sailor comes along. While I thought once delete from recycle bin meant gone for good I was wrong. My awesome man got them all back. I just about cried from happiness.

lesson back up your files


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