Spring in my step – Day 8

As many will know I have a beautiful 6 and a half year old daughter. My hair had never had her hair cut not even a trim. But over the past year we’ve talked about cutting it. She wanted to but I kept putting it off. Over the weekend on a whim we decided to head to the hair dresses. She was so nervous yet excited. Walking in told the hair dresser her name, and absolutely buzzed when they pulled a special seat and DVD player out. She excitedly chatted as it was getting cut. Many won’t understand it (ok I’m being a sook) it was bitter sweet moment and I’ll admit I did feel myself well up. Thing is no matter the length of her hair shes a stunning little girl. I’m proud she tried something new. It looks great and wow 2 minutes to brush her hair instead of half an hour. And she can finally do it herself. Grateful I have a amazing daughter







19 thoughts on “Spring in my step – Day 8

  1. Oh. Oh. But the result is great. and it can grow again.
    When our youngest daughter was about 4, she had long curly hair. My wife decided she needed a haircut. The result was a boyish (cute) very short cut. Hair grew back. But she lost her curls.


  2. And last but not least for today: Hope you find your niece soon. Take it easy on yourself. The world sucks but there are lovely daughters and kids and seals. makes for a balance.
    Be well.


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