Spring in my step – Day 12

I’m grateful for all the support on here. Not much to update on the health front. Blood test came back clear which I’m happy about. But have been referred to a specialist which could take months. Feeling like I’m the only one with any concern. For the past month near constant headaches, I’m always tired, my lower legs have rashes which are itcy and really painful. Then there’s this yuck big markings on my back which has gotten bigger. Nurses are making feel its all in my head. I can’t fake markings which clearly shouldn’t be on my body and is starting g to get sore. I’m feeling lost and unsure on how to get any real answers. I’m feeling stupid and unattractive. Looking in the mirror lat night I just cried. My body has never been great, have many scars etc. But now it’s added these disgusting marks and rashes. My health and moods are affecting my relationship, I’m feeling so selfish.

Struggling last night I when against everything and took a night med to help me sleep instead I’ve woken feeling worse. Fingers crossed these feelings ease soon. I’m sick of feeling scared n unsure

46 thoughts on “Spring in my step – Day 12

  1. How could it all be in your head if there are rashes? Keep pressing, I had to press a lot for my cancer diagnosis. They didn’t even want to run a CBC and were convinced it was allergies.

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  2. Go to an osteopath and ask him to treat your symptoms. I was deathly ill for 2 yrs. and had millions of dollars in tests and was never treated for anything. One visit to an osteo and he shot me full of steroids, a 4 mo. and 6 mo. antibiotic regimen. Within 1 week I was back to 90%. Hope that helps

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  3. Hang on. If the blood test is good, that is good. Rashes generally indicate some kind of allergic reactions. That can be worsened, not created, mind you by negative (logical) moods. best thing to do is see a dermatologist ASAP. And get some anti-histaminic prescribed to cut the rashes down. Hang on tight. You will get better. And enjoy the spring in NZ. πŸ™‚

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      • Maybe you’re turning into a siren? πŸ™‚
        A dermatologist should set your mind at ease. Glad you’re seeing one this week. Don’t worry. It most likely is nothing that a good antihistaminic or a bit of topic corticoid can’t treat. Cheer up


  4. You know your body better than any nurse! It is easy to let their disbelief worm into your head, but do your best not to let it make you doubt yourself. Easier said than done, I know. But there is obviously something wrong and medical professionals who disbelieve patients are shit.

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      • I meant alternate sources, not necessarily Western Medical. When I was a kid I had pneumonia for six months. Western medicine did nothing at all for me, I sat in sickness and saw doctors every ten days. My mother took me to a homeopath and they did some weird tests with supplements and me trying to hold my arm up and they gave me some pills and POOF! the pneumonia was gone in two weeks. I have heard stories about Chinese medicine doing the same. You just never know what you will find if you look.


  5. Hey that’s a great sign….the blood test they did are normal…so on to the next step…..take pictures of the spot on your back, so the doctors can see the change….it always good to have something to compare it to….hang in there….xxkat

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  6. So sorry about the fact that they are not taking it seriously. A friend of mine had similar type symptoms a few years ago and it took the doctors a long time to find out what was happening. She turned out to have lupus which is pretty hard to test for when it’s in remission. Make sure the doctors explore every option.

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  7. It’s just not human, their “all in your head”. And even if it was, they’d have to make it go away somehow. When I studied medicine I was taught to take it seriously when someone comes to me with a problem because that’s what it’s about – helping.
    I do wish you a recovery, and that you meet a doctor who is not afraid of the challenge and willing to help. ❀️

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  8. Praying for you. I know the feelings, all physical–including the mood changes, even though they’re diagnosed as “mental,” they are definitely brain physiology. And the aches and soreness and fatigue…<3 so sorry you are going through this… please don't back down with the doctors. make them listen to you. but hear their counsel, too. in the end, if stress is causing your body to react, that is very real, even though bloodwork and xrays don't display stress. even so, if it turns out that your body is reacting to stress, it is important that you get some extra rest. if it is a viral infection taking advantage of your stress, then try to be extra kind to your body right now. don't curse the tiredness and inflammation; just rest for awhile. you've done very well with all your activity for quite awhile, and you need not feel guilty or unproductive for needing some rest in between activities. i love your photos and zentangles and drawings. i am so amazed at your many talents. at the same time, i know that even the most talented need some time to rest. so take it easy, sweetie. we want you around for a long time. πŸ™‚ ❀

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