Come on universe I damn well dare ya

To throw one more damn thing my fucken way. Over the last 3 weeks my mums had two big dental ops, scary because she had to go off medication for her chronic asthma. Then my health problems, all while trying to run our home, keeping it clean etc, looking after the kids, trying to be a supportive partner to my darling sailor. This I’m manage to hold it mostly together with the odd sulk and tantrum. Then this afternoon. My niece who’s only a precious 13 years old has officially been listed with police as a missing person. She left Friday and no one has seen her since. There was a text yesterday but nothing since so now been four days. Everyone’s looking. And I’m sure she will be just fine. But my god the worry is all but over whelming. I’m going between wanting to big her then kick her bloodly arse for scarying us. So come on universe hit me with something else. Since I need to keep it together in front of my children I’ll do it here LIFES NOT FAIR STOMPS FEET SO DAMN HARD IN SHEER FRUSTRATION at all the things I can not control. Right as you were tant over

15 thoughts on “Come on universe I damn well dare ya

  1. Hi My freind form “le bout du monde”. I hope that by the time this reaches “Way, way, way down under”, your niece has finally appeared. Safe and sound. Meanwhile, one has to trudge one’s way. Remember someone once said:
    “Life sucks and then you die”.
    If one takes it literally, it is not quite comforting.
    Now, on the other hand, it’s all we have. So hang on.
    Have you tried Facebook for your niece? Her friends at school?
    And don’t forget your dermatologist’s appointment.
    Again hang on. Have I told you this Mexican proverb?
    No hay mal que dure cien años.
    (Nothing bad ever lasts for a hundred years)


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