Spring in my step – Day 13

Opps missed a day. Been pretty busy the past few days. Knowing I’d hear nothing about my health over the weekend I decided to really try to put it aside. Ended up attending my cousins engagement party 10 years in the making. And surprisingly enjoyed myself, for some reason now I have a good partner my family suddenly like me. 100+ people were there in a pretty small space AMD I manage to keep my anxiety down. Spent time with my sailor and kids at my mums, followed by a yummy roast pork and family dinner at home. Being more aware of my kids and sailors needs gave me more purpose. Trying the its Monday new week new start. So let’s see how I get on

3 thoughts on “Spring in my step – Day 13

  1. Reading this LIFO, last in first out. So, if you go back a day, there are some bright spots.
    Breathe deeply. take a walk on the beach with Sailor. Best cure for nerves. Now, I’m talking a long walk. An hour at least to produce the right effect.


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