Been MIA again

I guess I don’t have sticking power when it comes to my blog right now so I’ll just post as I feel like it. Right now I’m a mix of confused, scared and plain bloody angry with the medical care im receiving and there’s nothing i can do to change it. After being mucked around trying to find out when I’ll get seen. Finally got an answer today.

I’ve received a priority score of URGENT. But get this I won’t be seen for 6-10 damn weeks. The only score above urgent is immediate. They have photographs and the nurse still wouldn’t give me any ideas on what i may be. Just a stock stand see the gp  if things get worse before the specialist can see me.

So it wasn’t in my damn head. There is something to be worried about with an urgent score. And I’m now officially terrified.

23 thoughts on “Been MIA again

  1. Bummer…call and see if they can put you on the standby list too….in case someone calls in and can’t keep there appointment maybe you can get bumped up….or the emergency room will make sure a specialist will see you if you get worse….well I would hope the would…and you could have your MD call and see if he/she can call the specialist and bump you up….just a few ideas I am throwing around in my mind for you…so sorry for the long wait….its the pits….XXXkat

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  2. Praying for you. I’ve been following your recent photo experiments with smoke. They are genius. In the meantime, just go easy for awhile. Hoping you have some loving arms nearby to hold you in the difficult moments. Keeping you in my prayers. ❤

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  3. Urgent is 6 to 10 weeks? The Doctors go to the UK (or any such place) and back on a sailing ship or what?
    Don’t be terrified. If it were really serious, you would have been put in the category “critical”. That is only 2-3 weeks delay…
    (Pardon my frog sense of – bad – humour, but sometimes, a good laugh is the only option left)
    Question: You said you had rash on your back. Is it… “scratchy”? other words, you feel like scratching it and it gets worse?

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