Photo editing software nightmare please help

Argh frustrated as anything (will get over it)

I love Photoshop and lightroom

Especially lightroom had it on my PC and comp crashed. So downloaded trial. Trails ended and I can’t afford to pay the monthly $9.99 USD a month works out about $30nzd.

So since I shoot in raw I’m struggling to find a programme which I can use. Any photo gurus got any ideas please


51 thoughts on “Photo editing software nightmare please help

  1. Lightroom and Photoshop are the best but yeah the cost is there .The operating system Linux has a open source software that might help , but you have to have Linux . Will it be possible to install in on your PC as a dual operating system? Will let you know if any other options come to mind .

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  2. Oh, and have you looked at Elements? Yes, it is PS and not free, but much cheaper than PS. I started with it a long time ago and have a friend who teaches it. He says it is almost as good as PS, but of course, it has some limitations.

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  3. The later versions of Paintshop Pro (e.g., PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate) handle RAW. I’ve been using PSP since it was owned Jasc Software and I’ve been happy with it. I don’t do any fancy editing, however, working only with JPEG.

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  4. as a photographer I really hate to say this but I’ve started using two Apps on my iphone, which has basically replaced my DSLR, and my HDR photos on Instagram are getting tons of likes so the editing quality is the same to me as what we’re spending money to do on a computer. The Apps are Snapseed and Avery. Since switching, I have way less of a headache then sitting down, uploading, sort, importing, then fiddling in photoshop, etc, then exporting. On my phone its much quicker. I wish I had a sample to give you since I rambled on about how great the iphone is LOL…

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  5. Hi, Kelz. just a note on Lightroom and Photoshop. has offers for downloadable programs which do not require monthly payments to use. it’s the “creative cloud” programs which require monthly subscription. if you stay with a personal program package which does not use the cloud, you only pay once and you own that program. here is a link i found: you will need to save some money to purchase something like this; and the US$ to NZD exchange rate looks kinda steep. But maybe Santa Claus/Father Christmas will bless you early and surprise you with a photo software program which is worthy of your talent. ❤

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