How can one be sad with purple hair?

I’m working through all your wonderful helpful comments in the mean time here’s a little something.

Being low I love dying my hair odd but usually gives me a real boost.

Starting with kind reddy brown hair I wanted to dip dye dark brown and purple (always wanted purple hair).

So I buy a bleach kit. Turned to shit, a mass of patchy red orange and blonde. So with a beanie on feeling like shit I go get a second.



Ok so pretty funky colours also pretty weird. My sailor goes bugger it put the purple through anyways. So he helped






And now its dried



And as crazy as it sounds I LOVE IT. Purples reds pinks blondes. And bare in mind a lot brighter now its dry. Its different, crazy and random. Never done anything like it before.

So as per the title how can one be sad with purple hair? You can’t lol


56 thoughts on “How can one be sad with purple hair?

  1. You just inspired me to get off my ass and do my own color. I’m a licensed stylist but because my hands shake I had to stop working. I was going to a hair salon and paying someone to cut & color my hair up to $15o. Now I say screw it! I still have my license & can get everything wholesale so that’s what I’m doing. Going a lighter red with copper and peach. I hope. lol Good job on yours. It’s important to feel good about yourself.

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