To many hobbies?

This morning I’ve realised I may just have to many hobbies. And I seem to run out of time for them all. But can’t pick which I want more.

-photography (my biggest passion I hope to turn into a career)

-my blog



-wood carving

– 2x Facebook business pages



-online comping (win lots)

-online surveys (free vouchers)


– exercise

-candle making

-cake decorating and chocolate making

And of course my sailor n kids



38 thoughts on “To many hobbies?

  1. I love hobbies! They make me feel inspired and happy. 🙂 I like the idea that you posted this in a list and took some time to reflect, it’s hard to fit everything we love to do into our 7 days a week!! What is pyrography? 🙂

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  2. wow….that’s quit a list….aww keep em all…you don’t make candles every day..and I bet you don’t make chocolate weekly or you might bake a cake…just prioritize…and of course blogging is first….LOL .

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