Engagement present gift for my fiancé help needed

as most of you are aware my sailor asked me to marry him a few weeks ago. And while its tradition for the women to get the engagement ring. I’d love to get my sailor a gift as a way to show how.much I love and appreciate him. He already has a beautiful whale bone carving he wears and doesn’t wear rings (well till the wedding anyways). I’m really at a loss at what to get him. He’s hard to buy for at the best of times. Any ideas would be awesome


15 thoughts on “Engagement present gift for my fiancé help needed

  1. Engagement rings for men are the current fashion trend and my husband still wears his. Does he have any hobbies you can play on. Perhaps a special ornament for the tree this year? Myabe one playing on the navy? What about trying to get in contact with someone he hasn’t spoken to in a while? What about starting him on a new hobby? Sorry that’s about all I can think of.


  2. Congrats again! I do not wish to throw a wrench in your gear box dear but I do wonder why your “Mate” does not wear rings. As for myself, rings simply will not stay on my fingers, as the knuckle is simply too close to the web. I would never wear an every day ring simply because a working man runs a great risk of hanging one on hooks bolts,tools, and/ or moving parts. My father tore his shoulder apart when his ring hung on a hook that was attached to a tanker rig and he hung by the finger till someone could lift him off! If these reasons are similar to the reasons your man does not wear rings, perhaps a medallion on a chain or some such would suit him better. Congratulations again! : ) Or he may, like myself, wear the ring in his nose! That really keeps MY fingers away from at least one place they should not be!


  3. Oh my goodness !!! Congrats!!! If he is into knives find him a really nice knife and have it engraved with your wedding date or maybe a very nice watch…likewise have the wedding date engraved. I am sure you will find something amazing for him 🙂 I am so happy for you!!


  4. I was thinking of a carving or painting that would have a special meaning for him. He loves the sea. Perhaps something along that line or something he could carry with him that would remind him of you and the kids when he is gone.


  5. My dad was in the Navy and never wore a ring. He does collect antique brass ship’s clocks. That was his hobby. He couldn’t scuba dive anymore with 2 broken eardrums and he loved the sea. They are beautiful and not too expensive.


  6. First off, congratulations. That is grand.

    Secondly, depending on what he does on-board, jewelry is probably not a good idea. Jewelry gets caught in machinery, and leads to really bad things. If you decide you do want to go that route, something that is non-conducting, AND designed to break away without pulling the wearer into machinery is probably a must. At my last job, I was constantly taking my wedding ring off to protect my hand, and then being afraid of loosing it.

    What does he do with his down-time? Can you give him something to personalize his space? I love that every time I open my Kindle case that my wife got me, I think of her. We all know you to be a visual artist, can you take a design that is meaningful to you both and get it printed on something that he can use?


  7. Congratulations again…how exciting….I bought a very nice painting for my husband, one he would love, I didn’t care much for it, but it was about him after all….he loved it and when he looks at it every day he is reminded of me…LOL other thought was a small gold heart, very small to wear by his whale bone carving….something personal…my son’s wife, gave him an engagement ring…which he used as a wedding band also…let us know what you decide on….kat


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