In such a good place and the balloon pops

Few weeks back I wrote of my ex step son n ex partner causing issues. I’ve done all the right things I’ve ignored and not responded. I’ve blocked on social media. I’m careful who me I talk to. But its continuing, now through other people. And its putting me on edge my anxiety through the roof. I’m blocking as so as messages come through. But I’m at the point were I need to start trespassing people. Feels so wrong who trespasses a nearly 12 n 13 year old kids. I just want to get on with my life. Freedom to raise my children, marry my man, build our home and free from anxiety and guilt. Not having to look over my shoulder. Why is it I do all the right things and yet the trouble literally came knocking at my door.


5 thoughts on “In such a good place and the balloon pops

  1. Because there are people that don’t want you to be happy and in control of you life. You’re a right path and they can see, it make you stronger as you get on, you’re doing right and just keep doing it! The more you ignore them, they will realise they don’t have NO MORE CONTROL over you. Be Strong, you’re on the right path. ❤ Hugs xoxox


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