I hate my sailor going away for work. I feel childish n selfish but I wish he didn’t have to go. In know its a good thing in many ways. We’re saving to build our home, to get married, setting up our future. Its a great job, well paid n he gets to hang out with his mates. I love and trust him and know he’ll always come home. But at times like now I just want to curl up in his strong arms. Just be with him. He’s told me he worries about me when he’s away and i don’t want to add the pressure. Just miss him so much


One thought on “Sometimes

  1. Ah! I do know what you mean. That’s the good love. These days I look more and more forward to bed time, just to lie there with my chap. Then again ship work means a longer span of time away, I take it. It’s tough, for sure.


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