Homemade wedding rings – challenge accepted

My hubby to be and I are saving hard to buy some land and build our own tiny house. So last week got the idea to make rings from old coins. Started on a nz 50c just to check it was possible and so happy the pictures are below. My sailor brought me some south African 20c coins and some USA liberty half dollars. To try silver. So far so good. On the hunt for USA Morgan dollars, liberty half dollars and walking liberties 1965-69 and 1964 and below for our wedding bands. The hunt is on from little old nz. To find some to make the rings. Get married on a budget and build our future tiny home. So proud I a small town city girl made this all buy hand with hammer and files










17 thoughts on “Homemade wedding rings – challenge accepted

  1. This really was a great idea. The rings are beautiful and meaningful. โ™กโ™ก
    I have told my two, presently unmarried, daughters that they should consider thrift store jewelry counters or antique shops. Old rings don’t mean they didn’t use slavery to produce them but at least they are not currently seeking new “blood” diamonds. I will now suggest they consider using coins and tools or find someone else who knows hot to use the tools! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I love old coins rings, I always wanted to make some and I design and create jewelry! Coins rings could be made really beautiful also showing the coin design or the year on it or the State name too! Anyway you guys did great job with it and had a lovely idea! โค

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  3. When I read the title, I was looking for the ‘rings,’ as they mean stuff WITH a lot of add on’s on top, like stones, a blob of designed gold of about 10 grams, if not more, and even gems and all. It is as if ‘Bands’ are not taken as ‘rings’ in India.

    Seeing the material You have searched out, and the end results, would Heartily Congratulate You. Good work indeed.

    ALL the Best to You in Your Wedded life and the House. Love and Regards. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Beautiful rings….my son made is wife’s ring…..he called me at midnight one night, needed a solid silver coin…he had to start it right away…LOL so at midnight we were digging through old silver coins….his wife wears it with pride and love……lovely idea


  5. What an innovative idea!! I totally loved the result!! Mahn! you are getting better with the hardware and tools, oh pretty lady!!

    I liked the idea of you being realistic and prioritizing things. All the best for your future life! (Looking fwd to the wedding snaps)

    The Copper Chick


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