Happy new years eve

I’ve done reflecting as we all do at this time of year.

This year started as one of the most difficult, loss of relationship, step children, family. I had depression, anxiety, on medication. Basically lost.

But that changed on the 11th of February. When an old friend came back in to my life. We fell head over heals and the girl who hated marriage.got engaged. My sailor and I have began to build a life together saving to build a tiny home and land. A family, a tight unit.

I’ve now a teen son and nearly 7 year old daughter. We have connected and bonded more this year then any other. I’m proud of them both.

I’ve advanced so much with my photography. Tried new things, art, zentangle, wood burning, woodcarving etc

I’ve returned old hobbies. I’ve faced health issues and won. I’ve gone of medication, come out of my shell.

So much to speech of. My life has turned to something I never imagined.

Now it’s time to go relax with my fiancรฉ and children and continue to love life


9 thoughts on “Happy new years eve

  1. This has been your year…. and it is only the beginning! Can there be anything more encouraging and empowering than looking back and seeing that you made it over all the obstacles…. your life has just begun. Soooo happy for you, dear!


  2. So happy for you! It’s something how we never know what’s right around the corner. I can relate to your story. In 2013 I was fighting depression, in 2014 I met my husband, and in 2015 we married, I graduated with my bachelor’s, AND had a baby! I’m thankful for it all and continuing to look forward. Happy New Years to you and your family. ๐Ÿ™‚



  3. February 11th is a good day…my daughter was born 39 years ago on this wonderful day….glad its a good day for you too!!! Isn’t reflection wonderful….puts our lives into perspective…saying good bye to the negatives and welcoming the positive….Happy New Year my friend…keep it up…life is good…..kat


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