Time for mindfulness

To re enter my life. Again its 1:30am and I’m wide awake. So as kind of a refresher for my dbt therapy I’ve just download a mindfulness meditation app on my phone. Normal skills are not helping nor is medication my doctor prescribed a week ago. So time to dig time and remember my skills. I’m facing a lot of challenges due to severe lack of sleep and horrible vivid nightmares when I do. But am hopeful as I return to my therapy skills. I’m also going to try to write more here as a way of expressing myself.


8 thoughts on “Time for mindfulness

  1. I, too, am having a terrible time with sleep. Most nights it is 2 or 3 am before I can settle down my pain and mind. However, it is now 5:20 am and I still have yet to have even a minute of sleep. I have wanted to try Mindfulness Meditation and think I should. Hope you get some rest and I look forward to reading more from you as you express yourself. 🙂


  2. Sorry I haven’t visited here for a while. You are on my mind. Some times I have problems sleeping, and it’s hard to concentrate on daily life. Keep with your passion in photos. My thoughts are with you, my friend. Lots of luvin for your darling children and your beloved SailorXO


  3. Yes it comes ….and goes. Each time we’re a bit better at noticing and dealing with it, even if we wish it would go completely and it doesn’t.. Thoughts and prayers for what you need 🙂


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