Nerves, happiness and excitment

Firstly survived the 2+ month school holidays. My daughter turned 7 a few days ago and back to school today, she was a little bundle of nerves. My baby boy starts high school tomorrow. Bitter sweet. While I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming (yes terrible teens to) at the same time I’m happy, part of me is sad. My little boy is no more, high school, scholarship exams, friends, life. Its changing, he still let’s me give him a kiss n cuddle good night etc. Still communicates, spends time together. But he’s becoming independent young man. The tables have turned.

In less then two weeks its my n my fiancĂ© 1st anniversary!!!! Can’t wait.  We got engaged back in October and agreed I’d get my engagement ring which he’s designed and getting made a one of a kind ring on our anniversary. Two days later his birthday and valentine’s day. He’s not one for birthdays. But I told him he’s having one, getting spoilt n he has no choice lol

Big changes, happy times, love n excitement and nerves


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