Its never about the money but the thought

What a few weeks so bit of a recap.

Firstly my baby girl turned 7. Both started school. My boy started high school. He’s normally not a boy who likes change. But he’s impressed me with adapting to a huge school, different classes time tables etc.

For an early valentines/anniversary family gift he brought us a new 40inch TV (we’ve had a TV old school for years) such a treat.

As many know my darling and I got engaged back in October. We agreed I’d wait for my ring till our first anniversary. A few days earlier my man got down on one knee proposing a second time. Presenting me with the most amazing one of a kind silver and amethyst ring. He designed it himself and had it made just for me. It has blown me away




Fast forward a couple of days and it was our first anniversary. I brought him a heap of garden tools (happy man) and we went for lunch of sushi at the local gardens. Later that day my mum came to show us her new teeth, been such a long time so happy to see her smile. My fiancΓ© then gave me my presses, a beautiful coffee bean tree (I’m a complete coffee addict) and new dremel shaft (perfect pressie). We went on to watching a movie, popcorn and icecream. As he said its not just our anniversary for being together but for beginning our life as a family




Now it’s valentine’s day. And my mans birthday. Having fun spoiling him, pressies, fav treats, fav foods and the cake I’ll give him later today (he absolutely loves gardening and providing for our family



All the cake is hand made

We’ve had a lot of treats etc lately but at the end of it all what blows me away is the thought, he’s put so much thought into what I like AMD its made me realise for the first time I’m with someone who actually knows me


16 thoughts on “Its never about the money but the thought

  1. This is so wonderful and amazing to hear πŸ™‚ you so deserve all this love and then some girl…
    So happy for you and that BEAUTIFUL RING!!!!! speechless ….you go girl lol..


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