Doing a happy dance

Feeling such intense emotions right now. Positive nerves, happiness, joy, love. In a situation I never imaged myself to be. I’ve realise just how far I’ve come in my mental health recovery. I’m the person who lived in constant fear, sadness, pain and suffering. Once believe I was a bad mother. No one would want me as a partner. I felt hopeless enough to attempt to take my own life not once but twice. Now three n a bit years on. My depression is gone. My anxiety at a level I can fully function. I believe in myself. I know I’m a great mama to my two precious baby’s. Though I have faults I’m confident I’m a good partner and will make a great my darling. I have hope, goals and dreams I’m making reality. I have passions and hobbies. Whilst I have some down times. I now know how to cope. A bad day doesn’t turn into a bad year. Our dream of owning land and building a tiny house is becoming a reality, we are steadily saving. We are far from well off but are becoming more comfortable financially. I wake up with a attitude of wonder of what the day will bring. Rather then wishing the day was over. I stand up for myself like I’ve never done before. I’m future driven not held back by my past. I’m a work in progress. And for the first time I can say I love the person I’ve become and have excitement to see what the next day brings. Never give up hope. Because no matter how bad it all gets you can end up flawed but happy.


16 thoughts on “Doing a happy dance

  1. Happy for your progress. Remember that life is a process. None of us are perfect. When you discover that we’re all in this together and we’re all scarred, your own turmoil will seem less overwhelming. Love

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  2. For all the time I have been following your blog, I have been waiting for these words! Yes, we are all flawed…yes, we will all have bad days, but you have come so far. I am joining your happy dance!

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  3. I love this post! I have been following your blog for a while and to witness the shift is so beautiful and so life giving! I wish you continued happiness and success in all of your dreams…this is grrrrrrrrrrrreat!


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