Ladies and gents all is revealed

As you all know I’ve been holding onto a secret the past few days. Tuesday night my sailor and I decided to bring out wedding date forward!!! To yesterday (Friday) without telling anyone

So I’m so proud and happy to announce that at 2:30pm 18 march 2016 my sailor and I got MARRIED

Lots of details to follow. We went the most unconventional way about things. And are both super happy πŸ™‚


43 thoughts on “Ladies and gents all is revealed

  1. Congratulations-I’ve followed your journey. You’ve shown courage,self-awareness and commitment. I know you two will be very happy! Well done. As my wedding gift-a free 45 minute Live with Passion & Purpose session by Skype or phone. Email me and we’ll schedule.


  2. WOOOHOOOO!! Sneaky!! So very HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!! That is just such a great news to read! a very big CONGRATULATIONS.. to the new MR & MRS!!! Very happy, truly happy for you both… Best Wishes for many many years!! Hugs xoxoxox ❀


  3. Oh my…see what happens when I get behind in checking my WordPress family….how absolutely wonderful….congratulations….I wish you nothing but happiness and joy to you both…..I am so happy for you Mrs. πŸ™‚ kat


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