Tobacco growing at home???

A few years back I brought some Virginia tobacco seeds, most I got to was a few inches tall. I was unwell and gave up. Fast forward my hubbies really into his veggie gardens and brought me a coffee bean tree for our anniversary (complete coffee addict lol). It got me thinking.

Making sure the laws haven’t changed I decided to try again with my hubbies guidance. In nz we can legally buy seeds, grow 15kg per adult and dry and smoke it as personal use. But can’t sell the leaves or finished tobacco.

I do have a few questions if people have grown it themselves.

– I’ve heard you can get 2-6oz of finished tobacco per plant (what’s your average)

– how long does it take approx from seed to harvest (hoping to get an early and late harvest)

– what’s your beat growing, dry and curing tips

Would love to hear from fellow tobacco growers

PS I have a few reasons for wanting to at least make a good attempt at growing. Firstly I’m a heavy 100gms a week smoker, have been for coming up 20 years (not proud of that). I want to try to save our family some money as were saving to buy land and our tiny house. And I wanna stick it to the government for now charging $70 for a 50gm.

Pps please don’t tell nor ask me to give up smoking (I don’t want to) or give me sad/horror stories (seen and heard a lot) please don’t judge.

Oh n for the record I only smoke outside, never in cars or our home,


4 thoughts on “Tobacco growing at home???

  1. You’d think growing up in NC where we were surrounded by tobacco farms and cigarette companies, but I sadly have no clue. Hopefully someone has the answers for you.


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