I’ve surprised myself

This morning my new hubby left for two weeks away for work. Although I didn’t want him to go and I’m already missing him like mad. I’ve surprised myself. Because in the lead up to him going away I felt a lot calmer, more at ease. Not full of anxiety like normal.

I think its a combination of a few things. Getting married last week. Meeting lots of his friends and workmate a few weeks ago. He’s putting even more effort and time into my children, and they are loving it and responding well, growing an even stronger bond. He and I have been talking and putting goals in to action for our present and future. Even more laugher, motivation and support.

In a way the tables have turned. Last night he made us a beautiful meal, all grown by him apart from cheese. Was a divine egg, spinach, onion and feta thing (our first eggs from our 14 new chickens affectationly named the ladies) a yummy fresh, beetroot, carrot and lettuce salad and green beans. He insisted on us all sitting at the kitchen table together for a family meal. Wonder if there was more laughing then eating happening πŸ™‚ he was very vocal about how he loves us and will miss us. And we’ve had a lot more contact then normal.

So while I miss my darling husband I’m grateful to be feeling even more safe, secure and content in our lives, which makes him being away just a little easier.

Here’s some photos of the yummy meal he made





So proud of the work he’s putting into the yard and chooks to provide such tasty and healthy meals


10 thoughts on “I’ve surprised myself

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  2. So happy for you… You deserve to be happy and nothing like fresh garden veggies to have and eating at the table is great way to be a family that you also deserve … What time is dinner tonight? looks amazing..


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