The face behind Kelzbelzphotography

So I figure that after having my Kelzbelzphotography blog for coming up 3 years, I might change something slightly. I’ve run this blog completely anonymously. I hid behind the scenes. I’ve shared so much. Reality is I’m ready. To show who I am. I’m no long ashamed of my past, my scars, my life. I am who I am. I’m just an ordinary girl who has like many battled many demons. But now I know happiness, contentment, joy, and pride. So fellow bloggers, even though this scares the shit outta me. I’m pleased to finally show you the face behind kelzbelzphotography. Introducing me the face behind the scenes





47 thoughts on “The face behind Kelzbelzphotography

  1. I agree it is easier to blog some stuff anonymously. You don’t always want everyone knowing everything about you… especially if you are feeling fragile. The strange thing about social media is that it is too easy to unload your feelings/thoughts… things that you would probably hesitate to (or not even) say to anyone in person. Glad everything is going better for you now.


  2. Awesome! You can see those “battles” in your eyes, and yet, there is still a sense of calm you give off.

    Nice to put a face with the name! 🙂

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  3. Well good morning Kelz….and what a beautiful bride you are….your still glowing !!! I love all the Easter goodies…I miss not having kids in the house….not that I couldn’t still die eggs and make goodies…but I don’t eat eggs, and I really don’t need the goodies….but they look yummy….and how wonderful to have a husband that cooks….mine will cook, but its all done in the microwave, bless his heart…LOL when I first met him he would make me dinner, it was always from the microwave…he even made homemade pea soup in the microwave…LOL made me love him all the more that he was trying….but I took over the kitchen scene….LOL Happy Easter and really nice putting a face with a name….kat


  4. seeing how you just got married (lucky guy) I’ll refrain from my typical flirtatious comments 😀

    I got online in 2004 and never showed my face until this blog.


  5. Well hello there friend! It’s great to ‘finally’ meet ya! You faced yet another fear and not only survived but excelled! You’re beautiful 🙂 🙂


  6. I pictured just as beautiful you are before you showed yourself! Nice to see you! Very happy for your new life and great adventures to come! Hugs from this side of the pond and have a wonderful Easter! ❤


  7. I understand how you want to be anonymous. I feel the same way about my blog and although I see so many others post their photos all over, I hide as well. Hopefully one day I can be as beautiful brave as you.


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