Feeling emotional

I’m so emotional today. My new hubby is away for work he’s been gone over a week and due home in 4-5 days. I love him for his work ethics, passion, need and want to provide for our family and for us to save for a home to buy together. We’ve talked so much this time since he’s been away. But I miss him. So so much. I’ve been doing so well keeping positive this time while he’s away. But I’ve just uploaded a heap of wedding photos and I’m suddenly really needing him home. To feel his arms around me just to hold me. I know time will fly. But wow the overwhelming emotions have hit so hard and so fast.


8 thoughts on “Feeling emotional

  1. My husband and I have spent a lot of time apart due to work. It is super tough, sometimes more than others. Overall, I believe it has made us stronger and you really appreciate the time you do have. The only thing I would say is always re-evaluate from time to time to make sure that the trade (there is always a trade in everything we do) is worth the end result or goal to be obtained (ie the new house). Also, most of life tends to happen in seasons, and we can endure anything for a season and look for ways that the particular situation can help to grow us and gain us new perspective. Obviously, not close to the much needed hugs from hubby….but hugs from Mississippi!:) Hang in there!!!

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    • Aw thank you. Its good to know others have understand. We’re the same its made us so much stronger. He’s a good man providing for our family, so we’ve decided tho we don’t lime being apart. The work is not only excellent pay but brings us independences. And his life has changed so much I’m happy he still gets to travel and have him time.

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  2. I’d say you should just hang in there but I just thought of something… why don’t you think up a really cool way to welcome him home? Something different than the normal “welcome home”? Might keep your mind occupied and intensify your love too!


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