Bringing back the barter system

My hubby has began a hugeeee veg garden and we got 14 chooks. To not only bring some extra money in but to make sure we’re eating well. We are doing so well with the eggs that we decided to trade some for fresh produce. And wow its amazing. Teaching my 7 and 13 year olds how to trade has brought some real positives. Its such an eye opening experience. Love how our dream of being mortgage free, solar and self sustainable is slowly becoming a reality.

Here’s my Hubby’s gardens

Before n some now





And there’s much much more. Plus our chickens. I’m also growing my own tabacco, and coffee bean tree,.

My kids are starting their own gardening businesses they want their own tiny homes to. My girls picked strawberries and my sons picked potato’s.

Here’s today’s trades

We had 5dozen eggs (already eaten n given away 2 more dozen) this w


eek alone.

So far we’ve received all thi


s for 2 dozen


Plus we will be getting, fejoas, tomatoes, beetroot, squash tomorrow.

Its all so new to me, something I was very interested in if I’m honest. Now I’m excited to collect the eggs, trade. Take care of the gardens while Hubbys away.


8 thoughts on “Bringing back the barter system

  1. What a wonderful idea and such a great way to have some family bonding time! I have always thought living in a tiny home would be awesome and now after seeing all this I need to have a chat with my fiance 😉 lol Cheers to a good harvest! 🙂

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  2. Wow, awesome garden. Very impressed. My hubby wants a garden this year. We had one 2009. Maybe we will grow jalapenos, anaheim peppers. Really cool growing your own coffee and tobacco. That’s a lot of eggs too. Thanks for photos my friend. Lotsa luvin for all of youXO


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